Web Printing Capabilities


Bartash is a full-service cold web printer providing everything from Pre-Press to Post-Press. Bartash routinely sends its Pre-Press management team to customers to help create better files, color configurations and address software and hardware issues. Our 5 Press Lines are set up to print the most 4-color possible, with the highest quality from automatic inking and controls. We currently serve over 250 customers ranging throughout the mid-Atlantic and southern New England region.

Once printed, Bartash can saddle stitch, insert into, or mail, our customer’s publications. Bartash offers complete mail-management support using CWC QuickFill software to handle circulation and subscription renewals for publisher clients. Bartash also inserts over 10 Million pieces per week and Mails over 3 Million. On-site USPS makes mailing easy and guarantees quick turnaround and accurate delivery through the mail system. Our mailing department also offers targeted direct-mail-marketing lists to help target our customers’ circulation for mailers and non-mailers alike.

We believe in partnering with publishers to help them realize their business objectives.