Bartash Credit Application

Please fill out all of the below information, including credit amount requested and terms

List three Vendors of which you have at least one year direct experience.

Please list at least one current web printer and your previous printer along with
the dollar amount equivalent to the credit terms you are applying for.

Please DO NOT include mortgages, utilities, or rent.

If you would prefer discretion with credit inquiries, please note below

The foregoing statement has been made for the purpose of obtaining credit for merchandise and material purchases and is to my knowledge in all respects complete, accurate and truthful. We/I agree to advise you immediately of any material change to any of the data furnished. We/I understand your credit terms and agree to meet these terms if credit is extended.

We/I agree to a service charge of 1-1/2% per month on the unpaid balance on all accounts not paid when due. Should this account be placed for collection, We/I agree to pay all collection and attorney’s fees. A $50 fee will be assessed on any bounced checks. Client agrees that all litigation proceedings will be processed through the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania, regardless of clients business location.